NFTS Model Makers Fabricate Mind Blowing Miniature.

March 16, 2021

Co-founder Danielle Duncan-Rosembert began studying Model Making for Animation at the prestigious NFTS in September 2020 and at the end of last year in a phenomenal time period of five weeks, the eleven students fabricated a screen accurate 1:8 scale miniature from the interior of the Sarang Lunar Base from the BAFTA winning sci fi film Moon, complete with props and practical lighting.

1:8 scale Moon miniature set

Their tutor John Lee had created many of the model miniatures used in the original film directed by Duncan Jones.

1:8 scale Moon miniature set

Danielle learnt so many new skills during the project and was part of a group that were tasked with the construction of the wall panels and half bulk heads, she was able to learn about wood working, laser cutting, filling, sanding, priming and paintwork. They also learnt how to accurately measure, scribe and paint the floor sections for the model.

Students Danielle, Emily and Olivia measuring and scribing the floor markings.

One of the props Danielle was in charge of creating was the ping pong table, in which she learnt how to do brass work and silver solder for the frame, followed by creating the supporting elements.

This was their first full group collaboration and the model looked indistinguishable from the full-size live action set.

1:8 scale Moon miniature set

The model makers collaborated with the DFX and cinematography courses to create a promo sequence, which is still in progress and will be shared very soon. The model making students had to create the set so that it broke apart and could be floated out into sections to ensure a motion control camera could enter.

Cinematography students filming the Moon set with a motion capture camera.

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